Our Projects in Jigawa

In line with our social responsibility policy, KEROJET SERVICES LTD further decided to extend its tentacles of generosity to KUBUNA VILLAGE of BIRNIWA L.G.A of JIGAWA STATE in the form of donating a brand-new borehole.

kero community-6

The borehole is powered by solar energy of which it also accommodates two “2” tanks of 1,500 liters capacity with sex “6” taps connected to them.

kero community

This project is capable of serving the community and its environs for the larger part of twenty “20” years and above if well maintained.

The main reason of embarking on this project is to help ease the hardship of water scarcity faced by the community and its surroundings so as to provide them with one of the basic necessities of life which is portable drinking water.